Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Full Movie Online

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A Karthik Medikonda directorial, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a gripping whodunnit! Following the life of Aryan (played by Kiran,) this particular movie shows the life of a man so fed up with his girlfriend (Harshada Kulkarni,) he asks her to leave the house. However, she is so obsessed with herself, she just doesn’t pay any attention to what Aryan says.

What follows next is an unsolved murder, Aryan being looked at as a key suspect, accused of murdering an unidentified prostitute (played by Gayatri Gupta.) How does Aryan get involved in a murder like this? What happens to his girlfriend? Who is the prostitute, really? To solve this truly intriguing murder mystery and to watch the entire Kiss Kiss Bang Bang movie, click here!

Director: Karthik Medikonda
Starring: Kiran
Genres: Suspense