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Directed by Chandra Sidharth, Aatagadharaa Siva tells an interesting and gripping story. With not one, but 6 intertwining storylines, Aatagadharaa Siva shows how fate brings together people from completely unexpected backgrounds. How does a prisoner on his death sentence meet the man who will eventually execute him?

What is all the more surprising is, the sentenced and the executioner somehow find themselves on the same journey as that of a young couple who just eloped. Not only is the young couple tasked with the choice of making a life altering choice, they are also faced with a series of important questions! Portraying a myriad of interesting emotions, this Chandra Sidharth directorial is a gripping watch. Don’t forget to watch the full movie here!

Director : Chandra Siddhartha

Starring : Uday Shankar, Doddanna, Hyper Aadi

Genres : Action, Suspense