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Panileni Puliraju has quite an interesting story to its name. What happens when a carefree womaniser is faced with a serious life altering choice? A marriage against his wishes forces this young man to settle down. With Dhanraj playing the role of Puliraju, a young carefree man, and Prachi Sinha playing the role of his wife, Panileni Puliraju (full movie) follows the story of a young couple faced with severe complications early on in life.

Just when things start settling down for the new couple, Puliraju’s father starts pushing him to have a male child to continue the family lineage. However, just as luck would have it, fate seems to have other things in store for this couple. After a lot of back and forth, coupled with truly sad twists and turns, the story progresses to a climax. Click here to watch the full movie and find out how Panileni Puliraju ends!

Director : Chacha

Starring : Dhanraj

Genres : Comedy