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While the story of Juliet Lover of Idiot is a simple one, the movie delivers quite an entertaining tale. This Telugu movie tells the story of Vara (Naveen Chandra,) an orphan and a drifter, who falls in love with the quintessential rich girl (played by Nivetha Thomas.) Despite all the troubles he leads in life, Vara still manages to find his happily ever after!

However, like every other love story, this one also goes through its fair shares of ups and downs. While the beginning of Juliet Lover of Idiot is beautiful and rosy, things start going south pretty soon and the entire tale morphs into a comedy of errors! To find out about what happens to the couple and if Vara manages to pay his debts or not, watch the full story of Juliet Lover of Idiot here!

Director: Ajay Vodhirala
Starring: Abhimanyu Singh, Niveda Thomas, Naveen Chandra
Genres: Suspense, Drama, Comedy