Watch Vasham Telugu Full Movie Online

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Watch Vasham Telugu Full Movie Online

Although Vasham is not the first ever crowdfunded Telugu film to hit the screens, it is still one of a kind! What makes this movie all the more exciting is, half the script of this movie was posted on the internet for everyone to read! Vasham narrates the story of an extremely mysterious professor, Vibhuti Nath, who he claims to have supernatural powers!

As the movie progresses, you see how different people are lured into the trap. From the protagonist (Vijay,) to his brother (Raj,) everyone is seen holding on to the Professor’s every last word! As the film progresses, you start wondering if the Professors really has supernatural powers or if the whole thing is an elaborate lie. To know what happens in the entire movie, click here!

Director : Srikanth Challa

Starring : Vasudev Rao, Sweta Varma, Krishneshwar Rao

Genres : Fantasy, Drama