Watch Vajralu Kavala Nayana Telugu Full Movie Online

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Directed by Radha Krishna P., Vajralu Kavala Nayana is an out and out laughter riot. With Anil Buragani, Neha Deshpandey and Nikita Bisht in the lead roles, this movie tells the story of a group of friends. Friends from when they were kids, this movie talks about what happens when they leave their hometown, in search for a better life in the city.

However, things don’t really pan out the way the friends want and they realise, commiting a robbery is the best way to make ends meet. This Telugu movie goes on to talk about what happens post the robbery. Will they really become successful in their mission, or will the long arm of the law catch up to them? Click here to know what happens in Vajralu Kavala Nayana!

Director: Radha Krishna P
Starring: Anil Burugani, Nikita Bisht, Neha Deshpandey
Genres: Comedy, Horror