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Directed by Siddharth Thatholu and produced by Ram Gopal Varma, the Kannada dubbed version of Bhairava Geetha is a superhit! With bloodshed, violence and aggression all the way through, this movie has Dhananjay, Irra Mor and Raja Malwadi playing lead roles. The basic theme of this movie? Love is limitless and knows no boundaries!

Telling the story of Geetha and Bhairava, this Siddharth directorial follows the story of two people falling in love, despite their contrasting economic backgrounds. While the love story sets the premise for Bhairava Geetha, the relationship between Bhairava and his mother makes for the crucial turning point in the movie! To find out what makes Bhairava change his attitude in life and to see if the two leads end up happily ever after, click here

Director: Siddharth Thatholu
Starring: Dhananjay, Irra Mor, Balrajwadi
Genres: Action, Suspense, Drama