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Directed by Ramesh Muguda, Aame Yevaru tells the story of a group of college girls who visit a botanical garden with their professor, Pravallika (played by Aarthi Agarwal,) and a cook, Sunil (played by Dhanraj.) While the girls are busy learning about the botanical gardens, the Professor and Shruti (played by Mitra,) notice a ghost lingering around the house.

For a few days, the girls are unaware of this fact and keep going about their daily activities, without paying too much attention to anything else. However, very soon, the sightings grow more and more disturbing and Sunil has no choice but to tell the girls about the ghost haunting the house. Do the girls make it out of the house safely or does the ghost get them? Watch Aame Yevaru here to find out what happens.

Director: Ramesh Muguda
Starring: Aarthi Agarwal, Mitra, Dhanraj
Genres: Suspense, Horror