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Directed by P.V. Giri, Nandini Nursing Home is a suspense filled comedy all the way through! With Naveen Vijay Krishna in the lead, playing the role of Chandoo, the movie talks about how he is obsessed with making a lot of money. Thinking the best way to make a mark in the world is through dishonest and illegal means, Chandoo joins Nandini Nursing Home as a fake doctor.

However, shortly after Chandoo joins the hospital, strange things start happening and the nursing home’s reputation starts failing. Who is Chandoo really and what is his connection with the incidents in the nursing home? To find out the answers to all these questions, watch Nandini Nursing Home here!

Director: PV Giri
Starring: Naveen, Nitya, Swetha
Genres: Horror, Comedy, Suspense