Watch JJ Colony Tamil Full Movie Online

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Watch JJ Colony Tamil Full Movie Online

Directed by not one, but three directors (A. Ashok Raj, G.S. Manohar and Ramesh G.,) JJ Colony stars Kutti Prabhu, Mansoor Ali Khan and Indraja in the lead roles. Right from the very word go, this movie is an all out entertainer. Vishwa, the head of a local mob in JJ Colony, gets involved in a series of illegal activities in order to please the contractor, Natesan Gounder.

If things weren’t already dicey and bad for Vishwa, he gets accidentally drawn into a RDX smuggling ring. Things go from bad to worse when an IPS officer, Arunthathi, is assigned to find the actual criminal. Through the course of the case, Arunthathi starts finding out about Vishwa’s past and what she discovers, is quite shocking. Who is Vishwa really and how are Arunthathi and he connected? To find out the answers to these questions, watch JJ Colony now!

Director : A Ashok Raj, GS Manohar, Ramesh G

Starring : Kutti Prabhu, Mansoor Ali Khan, Indraja

Genres : Drama, Action