Watch Lost Einstein Telugu Full Movie Online

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Watch Lost Einstein Telugu Full Movie Online

Directed by Pannu Gadde, Lost Einstein stars Appaji Ambarisha Darbha, Chandu Prasad and Mahesh Pavan Yadlapalli in the lead roles. The film is about a black hole which is coming toward the Earth 500 years from now and will destroy the planet.

A young scientist called Santosh starts displaying signs of brilliance beyond his age. So brilliant is he, renowned people in the field of science give him the title of Young Einstein. Growing up, he develops a theory of harnessing gravity, the only theory which can save the world from eternal doom. Does Santosh save his home and the people he loves? To find out, watch the full movie now!

Director : Pannu Gande

Starring : Appaji Ambarisha Darbha, Chandu Prasad, Mahesh Pavan Yadlapalli

Genres : International, Science Fiction, Drama