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Watch Roja Telugu Full Movie Online

Directed by Mani Ratnam, Roja stars Arvind Swamy, Madhoobala and Nassar in the lead roles. Rishi (Arvind) and Roja (Madhoobala) marry each other under unsatisfactory circumstances. Just when the two start sorting their differences and fall in love, Rishi is asked to move to an army communications centre in Baramulla.

Roja’s world turns upside down when Rishi is kidnapped and captured by terrorists. Roja is now tasked with the daunting case of finding her husband and making sure he is alive, no matter what. To find out whether she is successful in her mission or not, watch the full movie now!

Director : Mani Ratnam

Starring : Arvind Swamy, Madhoobala, Nassar

Genres : Drama, Action, International