Watch Calling Bell Telugu Full Movie Online

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Watch Calling Bell Telugu Full Movie Online

Directed by Panna Royal, Calling Bell stars Kishore Kumar G., Ravi Varma and Mamatha Rahuth in the lead roles. Karthik (Ravi Varma) and his new wife, Vyshali (Mamatha Rahuth,) start their happily ever after by moving into a new bungalow. After the first few nights in the house, Karthik realises something isn’t right with Vyshali.

After being warned by a sadhu on the road, Karthik finds out his wife has been possessed by a ghost! Just when things couldn’t get worse, Karthik’s friends come to live with the couple in the house. What happens to them and who is the ghost that possessed Vyshali? To find out, watch the full movie now!

Director : Panna Royal

Starring : Kishore Kumar G, Ravi Varma, Mamatha Rahuth

Genres : Horror, Suspense