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Directed by S. Narayan, Simhadriya Simha stars Vishnuvardhan, Bhanu Priya and Meena in the lead roles. Narsimha Gowda (Vishnuvardhan) is the respected chief of not one, but 48 villages. Majestic like a lion, Narsimha offers advice to those who seek it and punishes those who break the law.

Because of Narsimha Gowda’s ruling method, people prefer to go to him instead of the police. The theory is put to use when Shobhraj, a relative of Narsimha, is accused of raping a girl and is banished from the village for 18 years. In a fit of rage against the judgement, Shobhraj’s father murders Narsimha Gowda. Narsimha’s eldest son, Gowda (also played by Vishnuvardhan,) replaces his father on the throne.

Years later, Gowda is faced with the same situation his father was and instead of taking a call on a relative, he has to take a call on the fate of his brother, Chikka (played by Vishnuvardhan again.) Does Gowda make the right judgement and why did Chikka do what he did? To find out, watch the full movie now!

Director: S.Narayan
Starring: Vishnuvardhan, Bhanu Priya, Meena
Genres: Action, Drama

Watch Simhadriya Simha Kannada Full Movie Online