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Directed by Vamsi Krishna Akella, Jakkanna stars Sunil, Mannara Chopra and Kabir Duhan Singh in the lead roles. Telling the story of how a good man convinces the ultimate bad guy to turn good, this movie has a lot going for it. From screenplay to direction and to storytelling, this movie is quite a treat. If you are still not convinced about why you should watch this film, then here are our reasons:

1. The story

Ganesh, also known as Jakkanna (Sunil,) lives with one simple rule of thumb—to always help those who help him, even if they don’t ask for help. During the process of helping people, he runs into Bairagi (Kabir Duhan Singh) who happens to be the biggest don alive in Vizag. Years ago, Bairagi helped save Sunil and when they finally meet, Sunil vows to turn the bad guy into a picture perfect citizen.

2. The cast

From Sunil to Mannara Chopra and Kabir Duhan Singh, Vamsi Krishna Akella has written the story in such a way, it seems like the script was written specifically for these actors. The do good Jakkanna (Sunil) stays true to his character throughout the movie, while Mannara Chopra makes quite an impactful debut by showing off her strengths to the fullest. Kabir Duhan Singh is plays his role as the quintessential bad guy perfectly. Every actor brought their A game to the table and made sure their role stood out strong and bold.

3. The comedy element

Like any other entertainer, this movie has a certain sense of comic relief to its name. From the punchlines to the way the dialogues are told and the way even the simplest of jokes are delivered, this movie is a bone tickler in more than one place! The way the Chief Inspector delivers his one liners and to the way Jakkanna brings humour even to the most serious situations, this film has everything you could want for a rib tickling experience.
To see what happens when Jakkanna convinces Bairagi to become a good guy, watch the full movie now!

Director: Vamsi Krishna Akella
Starring: Sunil, Mannara Chopra, Kabir Duhan Singh
Genres: Comedy, Action

Watch Jakkanna Telugu Full Movie Online