Watch Anaganaga O Premakatha Telugu Full Movie Online

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Directed by Pratap Tatamsetti,  Anaganaga O Premakatha stars Ashwin Viraj and Riddhi Kumar in the lead roles. Surya (Viraj) is a playboy at heart and constantly pursues girls he just can’t seem to get.

His childhood friend Ananya (Riddhi Kumar) indulges his flirtations, despite being in love with him. The two friends live opposite each other since they were young. Surya would climb into Ananya’s window to have late night conversations with her. Realising Ananya doesn’t expect anything from him, Surya would use her in every way possible and is extremely selfish with his friendship.

Ananya, on the other hand, is so confident about her love that she lets Surya do what he wants, thinking he will come back to her when he is ready to settle down. However, Ananya grows tired of waiting and when Surya realises how much she loves him, he realises he may be too late. Does Surya change his ways and fight for Ananya’s love? To find out, watch the full movie now!

Director: Pratap Tatamsetti
Starring: Ashwin Viraj, Riddhi Kumar, Radha Bangaru
Genres: International, Drama

Watch Anaganaga O Premakatha Telugu Full Movie Online